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Breaking Free Virtual Summit [All-Access Pass]

The Breaking Free Sexual Integrity Virtual Summit is the #1 Expert Resource to Teach You How to Find Freedom from Pornography

10 Days, 10 Topics, 45+ Experts

Watch experts in sexual addiction and spouse recovery  share their redemption stories, tips and proven solutions.

For Strugglers & Spouses

Learn how to find lasting freedom from habitual sexual sin and true healing from spouse betrayal and trauma.

Imagine being able to watch or listen to 70+ hours of candid, casual conversations between over 45 experts in the area of pornography, sexual addiction, and spouse support and recovery.

They're discussing topics most churches avoid, issues that've been killing your marriage and family for months, years, decades. 
Now imagine also discovering these experts have been through what you're going through. Only they're living in freedom now.
Think you'd be interested in hearing what they have to say? 
  •  Day 1: How to find your pathway to lasting freedom.
  •  Day 2: How to conquer denial and delusion.
  •  Day 3: How to get the support and help you need.
  •  Day 4: How to be honest and truly accountable.
  •  Day 5: How to regain control through daily disciplines.
  •  Day 6: How to find freedom from relational trauma.
  •  Day 7: How to starve the cycle of habitual sexual sin.
  •  Day 8: How to stop the legacy of generational sin.
  •  Day 9: How to rebuild trust and learn to forgive.
  •  Day 10: How to turn your pain into passion & purpose.

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